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An ePetition is a petition which collects signatures online. This allows petitions and supporting information to be made available to a potentially much wider audience than a traditional paper based petition.
 TitleSignaturesClosing DateStatus
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ViewTraffic calming measures for Kimberley Street and Oxford Street, NR2,10009 Nov 2021Closed
ViewDereham Road Bus Lane122423 Oct 2021Closed
ViewReverse the Changes to St Benedicts Street Norwich35824 Aug 2021Closed
ViewProhibit non-residents of Lionwood Road parking vehicles on grasslands at the junction of Lionwood Road4021 Apr 2021Closed
ViewQueens Hills Second Access Road Onto Ringland Lane18022 Feb 2021Closed
ViewDereham Road Bus Lane32715 Jan 2021Closed
ViewDo not spend any public money on providing further car parking spaces at County Hall, but on projects benefiting the front-line public services which the County Council has severely cut back.35629 Nov 2020Closed
ViewFor the Chop - Save Tombland's Trees392523 Oct 2020Closed
View2nd exit Queens hills93225 Aug 2020Closed
ViewRemoval of the Earlham Green Lane to Clover Hill Road Bus Lane in Norwich.43021 Aug 2020Closed

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