Corporate Select Committee

The Corporate Select Committee is aligned to the overall governance, resources and assets of the Council. The Committee supports the Cabinet and Council in ensuring good governance and that the resources and assets are used as efficiently and effectively as possible and that as a result the Council minimises risk, is resilient, takes advantage of opportunities arising from new technology and communicates effectively with its residents and stakeholders. The Corporate Select Committee shall also review the content and operation of the Constitution at least annually and at the request of the Council or the Chief Legal Officer, to ensure it remains fit for purpose as set out in Article 1 of the Constitution.
07 May 2019 - onwards
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15 March 202110:0013:00Edwards Room, County HallScheduled 
25 January 202110:0013:00Edwards Room, County HallScheduled 
09 November 202010:0013:00Edwards Room, County HallScheduled 
14 September 202010:0013:00Edwards Room, County HallScheduled 
13 July 202010:0013:00Virtual MeetingScheduled 
18 May 202000:00TBCMeeting cancelledScheduled
09 March 202010:0010:30Edwards Room, County HallOccurred
27 January 202010:0010:30Edwards Room, County HallOccurred
14 November 201910:0010:30Edwards Room, County HallOccurred
16 July 201910:0012:04Edwards Room, County HallOccurred


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Elected Members

PartyNameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
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Mrs Penny Carpenter Member 09/03/2020 - current 100%
Mr Ed Craig Colman Vice-Chairman 07/05/2019 - current 80%
Mr Nigel David Dixon Member 07/05/2019 - current 100%
Mr Colin Wayne Foulger Member 07/05/2019 - current 60%
Mr Terry Jermy Labour Group Spokesperson 11/06/2019 - current 100%
Dr Chris Jones Member 07/05/2019 - current 80%
Mr Brian Winston Charles Long Member 07/05/2019 - current 100%
Mr Ian James Mackie Member 07/05/2019 - current 40%
Mr Rhodri Rupert Oliver Member 07/05/2019 - current 40%
Ms Sandra Jane Squire Member 07/05/2019 - current 100%


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