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Safety improvements to A146 for pedestrians and motorists on the A146 between Birch Way Thurton and Hellington Corner.


Thurton Parish Councillors, supported by Ashby St Mary, Bergh Apton and Alpington with Yelverton Parish Councils Petition Norfolk County Council to improve safety for pedestrians and motorists on the A146 between Birch Way Thurton and Hellington Corner.  The Councils are deeply concerned about the number of road traffic accidents that occur on the A146 between Thurton and Hellington Corner, and the difficulty for pedestrians to safely cross the road to reach bus stops, Thurton school, the George and Dragon Pub and the village hall and play ground.

A recent Freedom of Information Request to Norfolk Constabulary (Ref. 004354/23) confirmed that police have attended 18 road traffic accidents along this stretch of road in the last 3 years, including 4 severe injuries and one fatality.

An FOI request by the Beccles and Bungay Journal (report September 2023) showed that the Thurton speed camera (40 mph) had been triggered 2,884 times between 1st January 2019 and 31st July 2023, the highest speed recorded being 98 mph.

In the light of this information, and to try to prevent future serious injuries, we the undersigned petition Norfolk County Council to consider the following measures:

1.  Reduce the current speed limits to 30 mph through Thurton Village, 40 mph at Prospect Place and 50 mph at Hellington Corner (already agreed but not implemented).  These changes would fit with the Norfolk Speed Management Strategy (2023), for principal roads passing through settlements, especially those with high levels of HGV traffic.

2.  Replace the pedestrian refuge in Thurton Village with a push button Pelican Crossing.  The current refuge is too narrow and terrifying to use as HGVs pass in both directions at 40 mph.  This is especially dangerous for parents taking children to school and older students trying to cross the road to access school bus services.

3.  Prospect Place Traffic calming.  It is difficult for residents to safely cross the road to reach the bus stop on the Norwich to Loddon side because of the bend in the road.  In addition to reducing the speed limit, please consider a ‘SLOW’ road marking and a ‘Pedestrians Crossing’ sign before the bend on the approach from Hellington Corner.

4.  Village Gateway Signs, with speed signs and painted speed roundels on the road, where the speed limits change at Birch Way and Prospect Place.

5.  Solar powered lighting to the bus stop signs on both sides of the A146 at Manor Farm Thurton, Prospect Place and Hellington Corner to increase safety for pedestrians waiting at these stops in the dark.


To help implement these measures, the Parish Councils are prepared to seek funding via the Parish Partnership Initiative, the Local Member Fund and the Road Safety Community Fund whenever possible.

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Monday, 12 February 2024
Monday, 25 March 2024
Patricia Black
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This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:

Proposed response from NCC


1.When determining speed limits Norfolk County Council applies its member approved Speed Management Strategy, which is closely linked to DfT guidance contained in Circular 1/2013. A key element to both documents is that speed limits must be self-explaining and help to reinforce to drivers the appropriate speed at which to travel. To artificially set a speed limit too low can actually cause more safety problems as the difference in speed between the fastest and average speed of drivers increases. It can also lead to a lack of respect for speed limits in general. Frontage development is one of the most important factors in setting speed limits as it changes the highway environment very clearly and reinforces to drivers of the need to reduce speed.


A146 Thurton presently has a 40mph speed limit. Direct frontage on both sides of the road is only present for around 200m. This is too short for a 30mph speed limit to be considered. The rest of the development is hidden by trees and hedging or more spread out. Therefore the current 40mph speed limit is appropriate.


A146 Prospect Place has direct frontage on one side of the southwest side of the road only for around 250m. When assessed against 40mph speed limit criteria within the speed management strategy, this is also too short and with insufficient generators of pedestrian activity (e.g. shops, public house) to justify a lower 40mph speed limit. Hence the current 50mph speed limit is appropriate.


A146 Hellington corner is presently subject to the national speed limit of 60mph. A new 50mph speed limit is currently being progressed and is being funded by a private developer.


2. When determining whether a new pedestrian crossing should be installed or upgraded a Pedestrian Crossing Assessment is required. This is a process involving the commissioning of traffic surveys and pedestrian crossing counts to determine the most appropriate crossing provision for the traffic conditions and environment. A Pedestrian Crossing Assessment can be carried out at Thurton but would require funding. Funding possibilities include the Parish Partnership, Road Safety Community Fund and Local Member Fund.


3. We would be happy to support a ‘Other danger’ warning sign (exclamation mark in red triangle) with ‘Pedestrians Crossing’ supplementary sign with SLOW road markings on each approach to the bus stop. The signing would require Parish Partnership Road Safety Community Fund or Local Member Funding. Road markings can be provided under our routine road markings refresh programme.


4. Village gateway signs can be provided under the Parish Partnership, Road Safety Community Fund or Local Member Fund. However, the gateway signs would be smaller than the current yellow backed signs and are less appropriate for an A class road such as A146. We would therefore not recommend this takes place.. The speed limit roundel markings can be provided under our routine road markings refresh programme.


5. Solar powered lighting can be added to signs such as a bus stop. We would, however, need to check that the bus stop post can support the lighting units or needs replacement. There are also ongoing maintenance costs such as replacement batteries for which Thurton PC would need to provide a commuted sum. The lighting units could be provided under a Parish Partnership agreement, Road Safety Community Fund or Local Member Fund.


Whilst we are unable to meet your request for lower speed limits (except for A146 Hellington which is currently being processed) we would be very happy to discuss taking forward the other requests detailed in points 2 to 5 above.


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