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Urgent Crossing at Next superstore on william frost way


We are calling on Norfolk County Council to investigate and install a crossing for pedestrians urgently between Next Superstore and Sainsbury's on William Frost Way.


The dual carriageway speed limit is signed at 30mph, with cars travelling constantly faster than this.  The number of traffic movements has increased over the last few years and due to this it is near impossible to safely cross, due to the constant stream of speeding traffic. There has been numerous near misses, with elderly and parents with young children having to literally run across the road We understand there is a possibility of Section 106 monies from the development at Easton, but this could be 5+ years. We are asking Norfolk County Council to fund this much needed crossing either by the transforming cities bid which is designed to promote walking and cycling or to fund it and recoup the costs from the section 106 monies when the develpments reach the required phase. This lack of crossing has been highlighted in the EDP and social media of how dangerous it is for residents of Costessey and further afield. We are amazed how the Next superstore got approved with the crossing which is currently installed, which does not meet goverment regulations.

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Saturday, 15 February 2020
Monday, 15 June 2020
Gary Blundell
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This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:

The County Council has invested both in highway maintenance and highway improvements in Costessey over the years.  This includes the completed work on developing a Longwater Strategy, which included an analysis of the existing issues and identification of various measures that could be taken forward to improve the situation.

A number of these measures have already been delivered including a free-flow slip road from William Frost Way to Dereham Road and extensive widening of Dereham Road to two-lanes in either direction. These measures have substantially improved traffic flows. There are elements of the strategy that have yet to be delivered and we will continue to look for suitable funding opportunities to bring these forward. We have already successfully secured commitment for further highway improvements that will be delivered by the developers of the new housing at Easton. This includes cycle / footway links across the A47 and a crossing on William Frost Way.  We have also made arrangements to undertake a pedestrian crossing assessment and feasibility study during the autumn into pedestrian crossing improvements on William Frost Way.

Thickthorn Junction is part of the trunk road network maintained and managed by Highways England who are directly funded by government. The proposed improvements at Thickthorn will therefore be funded and delivered by Highways England, not Norfolk County Council. We welcome these improvements and will work closely with Highways England on their continued development.

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