Transport for Norwich Advisory Committee

The Transport for Norwich Advisory Committee (formerly Joint Committee for Transforming Cities Funds Projects) is responsible for: • Developing business cases for Transforming Cities funding, including development of individual schemes • Overseeing the development and delivery of schemes, including carrying out and considering the results of public consultation, setting the timetable for delivery of schemes
22 May 2019 - onwards
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PartyNameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
Ms Emma Clare Corlett Member 03/06/2021 - current 88%
Mr Barry Stone Vice-Chair 22/05/2019 - current 89%
Liberal Democrats
Mr Brian Watkins Member 22/05/2019 - current 94%
Mr Martin James Wilby Chair 22/05/2019 - current 100%


Appointee NameAppointee RoleAppointee Membership DatesAppointee Attendance
Mr Peter Joyner Member 24/06/2019 - current 44%
Cllr Kay Mason-Billig Member 22/05/2019 - current 72%
Mr Mike Stonard Member 22/05/2019 - current 100%
Cllr Ian Stutely Member 22/05/2019 - current 89%
Mr Fran Whymark Member 16/08/2022 - current 100%


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