Planning and Highways Delegations Committee

This Committee will exercise the following powers: (i) as County planning authority, or as Minerals and Waste planning authority, in responding to consultations (including whether to mount a legal challenge to a decision) by District Councils on major planning applications or to equivalent proposals, including nationally significant infrastructure projects & offshore proposals by other organisations; (ii) as highway authority, where the local member disagrees with the proposal from the Executive Director of Community & Environmental Services to issue a recommendation of refusal on highway grounds; (iii) as County planning authority, or as minerals and waste planning authority, in responding to District Councils on local plans at the various stages of consultation. (iv) to comment on the planning policy documents of other bodies including the Marine Management Organisation. (v) In the case of urgency, the County Council’s response will be determined by the relevant Cabinet Member.
07 June 2019 - onwards
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PartyNameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
Mr Graham Carpenter Non-voting attendee 07/05/2022 - current 0%
Mr Andrew David Jamieson Member 09/05/2023 - current 0%
Mr Brian Winston Charles Long Non-voting attendee 07/06/2019 - current 83%
Green Party
Mr Paul Neale Non-voting attendee 24/05/2021 - current 75%
Mr Graham Robert Plant Chair 07/06/2019 - current 67%
Liberal Democrats
Mr Steve Riley Non-voting attendee 24/05/2021 - current 0%
Mr Mike Sands Non-voting attendee 24/05/2021 - current 25%
Mr Eric Vardy Vice-Chair 07/05/2022 - current 100%

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