Employment Committee

1. To be responsible for the establishment of the Chief Officer structures of the Council and advise on the appointment of the Head of Paid Service* and those officer roles defined in the appendix to the Officer Employment Procedure Rules together with pay arrangements if not in line with national negotiation procedures and current policy. This power includes the establishment of ad hoc Appointment Panels to discharge this function. * The full Council will approve the appointment of the Head of Paid Service following the recommendation of such an appointment by an Appointment Panel appointed for this purpose by the Employment Committee. 2. To determine new material local terms and conditions of employment for employees that have a significant financial impact for the organisation or would impact on a significant part of the overall workforce as identified and advised by the Director for People and Head of Paid Service. 3. To be responsible for taking disciplinary action in respect of the Head of Paid Service, and other Chief Officers as required by legislation. This power includes the establishment of ad hoc Disciplinary Action panels to discharge this function.
07 May 2019 - onwards
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PartyNameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
Mr Anthony David Adams Member 24/05/2021 - current 100%
Mr Stuart Michael Clancy Member 08/05/2019 - current 0%
Mr Steve Morphew Labour Group Spokesperson 08/05/2019 - current 100%
Liberal Democrats
Mr Saul Penfold Lib Democrat Group Spokesperson 24/05/2021 - current 100%
Mr Graham Robert Plant Vice-Chair 08/05/2019 - current 75%
Mr Andrew James Proctor Chair 08/05/2019 - current 100%
Mr Carl Smith Member 24/05/2021 - current 0%

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