The role of Cabinet is a) to exercise all the executive functions of the Council except to the extent that they are reserved to the full Council, exercisable by other Committees or exercisable by individual members of the Executive or Chief or other Officers under delegated powers. b) to prepare, for adoption by the Council, the budget and the plans which fall within the policy framework. c) to make recommendations to the Council on matters reserved to the Council. d) to exercise the following “local choice” function: - placing staff at the disposal of other authorities where the placement is in connection with functions exercised by the Executive e) to establish appropriate arrangements for the delivery of cross- cutting/cross departmental functions. f) to receive reports and recommendations from the Scrutiny Committee and Select Committees.
06 May 2019 - onwards
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20 May 201910:0010:35Edwards Room, County HallOccurred
10 June 201910:0011:00Edwards Room, County HallOccurred
15 July 201910:0011:55Edwards Room, County HallOccurred
05 August 201910:0010:45Council Chamber, County HallOccurred
02 September 201910:0011:25Council Chamber, County HallOccurred
07 October 201910:0011:30Council Chamber, County HallOccurred
04 November 201910:0011:05Council Chamber, County HallOccurred
02 December 201910:0011:25Edwards Room, County HallOccurred
13 January 202010:0012:25Edwards Room, County HallOccurred
03 February 202010:0011:15Edwards Room, County HallOccurred


PartyNameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
Mr Bill Borrett Member 07/05/2019 - current 94%
Mrs Margaret Dewsbury Member 07/05/2019 - current 100%
Mr John Fisher Member 07/05/2019 - current 94%
Mr Andy Grant Member 07/05/2019 - current 90%
Mr Tom FitzPatrick Member 07/05/2019 - current 100%
Mr Andrew David Jamieson Member 07/05/2019 - current 94%
Mr Greg Peck Member 07/05/2019 - current 100%
Mr Graham Robert Plant Vice-Chair 07/05/2019 - current 97%
Mr Andrew James Proctor Chair 07/05/2019 - current 100%
Mr Martin James Wilby Member 07/05/2019 - current 100%

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