Internal Committees

Internal Committees, Panels, Working Groups and Member Champions

Local Authority Governor Appointments Group

Pool of 3 Members (with 2 being called on as necessary by Norfolk Governor and Leadership Services).

Member Champion - Armed Forces Covenant

Also represents the County Council on the Norfolk Armed Forces Community Covenant Board

Member Support & Development Advisory Group

Terms of Reference To prepare for consideration by the Policy and Resources Committee an induction programme for the immediate post-election period. To keep the programme of member training and development under review, monitoring uptake, receiving evaluation reports of the provision made and reporting to the Policy and Resources Committee where appropriate. To be the forum for discussions relating to the provision of support facilities for members (including Members ICT) and to monitor and evaluate that provision and to report and make recommendations on these matters to the Policy and Resources Committee when appropriate. To meet a minimum of twice per year.

Norfolk Community Learning Services Steering Group

Formally known as Adult Learning Steering Group Terms of Reference: To consider the adult education service learning offer in the context of Norfolk's priorities for skills, health and community development. To monitor the provision of adult and community learning to help ensure there is access to learning across Norfolk. to consider service performance in the context of funding, national and local agendas and the service's business plan. to monitor the quality of the experience provided by the service for all learners and their outcomes. To monitor the safeguarding of all learners.

Norfolk County Council owned Companies Governance Panel

Changed from Norse Shareholders - Aug 2021